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Auditions for community film

Join us for auditions for the 7th annual community film, FIFTEEN, on July 9 at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center (413 South 14th Street). 

Scheduled auditions are now closed. An open call will be held from 5-6 pm on July 9. We suggest showing up early to sign up for a spot. 

The 2018 Oxford Film Fest community film will be filmed in Summer or Fall of 2017. The first event will be held at the Maker's Market on Saturday, June 17 at noon. We will have a table reading for people to hear the story and sign up to be an extra or crew member. Auditions for speaking parts will be held on July 9 at 3 pm at the Powerhouse with callbacks on July 13. 

Cast Breakdown

Maggie, 15 years old. Teenager with rebellious spirit but pretty with inner strength but crisis of confidence. She is going through inner turmoil of teen angst but in a world where every move is watched. Same ethnicity as Mom.

Mom, 40s, confident, tall and beautiful. Someone that people notice when she crosses the street. Elegant housewife type. Same ethnicity as Maggie.

Clerk: 30s-60s. Must be able to speak with a bored effect yet some charm to be a salesman of the app. Any look or ethnicity.

Kaye, 70s-80s. Confident, elegant. Glamorous older woman that people don’t question when she speaks. Can be any ethnicity but must have appropriate age.

Child/Hannah. A young girl, 5-8 years old. Can have any look or ethnicity.

Dad: A father figure that is with Hannah. Average guy, any look or ethnicity.

Waiter – 1. Any age over 18. Any look or ethnicity.


Restaurant goers – 5-10

Pizza chef in background – 1

Outside Saint Leo’s crowd – 50-100 people

Selfie group- 6 teens

Mom Mob – 20-40 people

Final Scene Mob – 10-20 people

Grocery Store Mob of Inside Fans – 20 people

Grocery Store Mob of Outside Fans – 20 people

Mob of people on street during Child scene – 20-40 people